Robert runs a creative agency called The Books Creative, writes for publications including The New York Times Magazine and The Guardian, founded a charity called Two Buck Books, directs and writes content videos, and has toured Europe with his band Citizen Sex.

Drop him an email at

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  1. Hey Robbie – it’s Paulie…I can’t believe I’d never read your Bret Easton Ellis interview before bro. It’s fucking brilliant. A triangulation of assiduous detail, improvisation and a little failure make for brilliant writing. You’ve got it all. I was hanging out in the spectrally incorrect, slavering jaws of the Espy today, waiting for a band to turn up. They never did. It’ll probably be the best interview I’ve ever conducted as a direct consequence. This B.E.E. interview is probably the best Q and A I’ve ever read. Nice work, sorry I was so late to the party 🙂

  2. I was just trying to find your email Robert F, and look who is friends with each other! I’m gonna shoot you a word Robbie. Hope you been well mate. Impressive portfolio x (I miss trivia Tuesdays).

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